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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2017
    <P>1, two kinds of materials: Seamless flooring is divided into seamless wood and seamless fiber two, both by multi-layer material together, the bottom part of the moisture-proof and flattened fiberboard, the difference lies in the surface of the material , Solid wood paste veneer,<a href=''>camino de cubierta de madera en Reino Unido</a> can be planing, texture and solid wood floor similar to the fiber was fiber material, easy to take care, but the effect is different from the solid wood.</P>
    <P>2, the Asian region more appropriate materials: this tightly sealed seamless floor, from around the world, Taiwan, China and Malaysia and other Asian regions of the material, the price is cheaper; as from Europe Sweden, Germany and Belgium, the floor , Is a high-grade goods,<a href=''>cómo enganchar la mesa plegable sobre la barandilla</a> generally two to three times more expensive; purchase can focus on color comparison, but try not to choose too cheap goods.</P>
    <P>3, two types of size: the traditional seamless floor, have a specific standard size; recently, seamless flooring from Europe, the length and width of the arrangement of the effect is also very different.</P>
    <P>4, the new pit pattern: In addition to the traditional plane seamless choice, there is a style called pit pattern, in the edge of the wood with a small pit pattern,<a href=''>b peso de la cubierta por pie</a> in the wood after the close, to create a pit pattern, the effect And solid wood flooring similar, but it will not increase the problem of thermal expansion and contraction problems.</P>
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