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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2017
    <p>(1) metallurgical machinery, petrochemical, silicate industry;<br />
    (2) iron ore blast furnace soft water closed circuit;<br /><a href="">General knowledge of vacuum heat treatment (tempering furnace)</a>
    (3) the cooling water system of the furnace, the mold, the oxygen lance and other devices of the steelmaking plant;<br />
    (4) rolling mill, coking plant cooling water system;<br /><a href="">High Temperature Energy-Saving Vacuum Vertical Tube Electric Furnace</a>
    (5) blower, motor, rolling mill and other equipment cooling water system;<br />
    (6) medium frequency induction furnace, medium and high frequency power supply and electronic control, melting furnace, heat furnace, quenching furnace, vacuum furnace, induction<br />
    </p><a href="">Vacuum Furnaces</a>
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