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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2017
    <p>the pore structure is more developed, the larger the specific surface area, the stronger the adsorption function, so the overall activated carbon than bamboo charcoal adsorption stronger. 4, the hardness difference between the larger bamboo charcoal density, high hardness, not fragile, suitable for wear-resistant home textiles; and different materials of activated carbon hardness is not the same, coconut shell activated carbon hardness, and the use of bamboo </p>
    <p>production of activated carbon with a light weight, , Fragile, it is not suitable for high wear resistance products. 5, the production cost difference between the bamboo charcoal only a carbonization process, and activated carbon also need an activation process, the cost is much higher than the bamboo charcoal, about 3-5 times the bamboo charcoal. So the product price is 3-5 times the bamboo charcoal. 6, raw materials and their consumption is not the same as </p>
    <p>the consumption of activated carbon raw materials generally 3-5 times higher than the bamboo charcoal, such as 6t (tons) bamboo can burn 1t ??bamboo charcoal, but 3-5t bamboo charcoal can be processed 1t bamboo activated carbon. Of course, coconut shell activated carbon raw material costs will be higher, but the effect is better. 7, the shape of different bamboo charcoal mix, there are carbon charcoal, carbon, charcoal, carbon particles, carbon powder, </p>
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