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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeSep 22nd 2017
    <P>The ground environment must be well paved before the check: pavement floor must be flat, pavement when the environment must meet certain requirements, otherwise the non-compliance of the ground and the environment will affect the quality of floor pavement. Before we start pavement,<a href=''>suelo de madera resistente al fuego</a> let's take a look at which environmental conditions to meet the requirements of the floor.</P>
    <P>Check the ground flatness: First of all, the floor will be the floor of the floor to be flatness check, you can use 2M flat on the check the ground, with 3mm thick feeler check the gap between the foot and the ground, pass the pass, pass the Unqualified. If the ground is uneven,<a href=''>cómo construir una valla de paletas de madera</a> you need to use a knife cut flat, the situation is serious to re-leveling or do self-leveling treatment. Ground flatness is not up to the pavement, then, will cause the floor collapse, from Alice, from arch, sound and other issues.</P>
    <P>Check the ground moisture content: Second, check the moisture content of the ground, the water content tester can be used to measure the ground moisture content,<a href=''>mini rampa a prueba de agua</a> the requirements of ordinary ground standard 20%, laying the floor requirements of geothermal 10%. If the ground moisture content is too high, the floor is easy to water swelling, resulting in the floor from the arch, from the drum, sound and other issues, so if the ground moisture content exceeds the standard value, to dehumidification.</P>
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