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    <p>with a hard cloth is easy to scratch the surface, dirty too heavy can use neutral cleaning agent, toothpaste or Furniture special cleaning agent, decontamination, immediately wipe clean. Solid wood carved doors of the edges and corners do not often friction, so as not to cause the edges and corners of the faded material damage. 5, in the removal of solid wood carved door on the dust, the inconvenience to use soft cotton cloth erase, you can use a vacuum </p>
    <p>cleaner to clear. In order to keep the solid lacquered door surface gloss and service life, should be regularly cleaned, dust, wood decoration products can be used for curing the surface of the maintenance of its surface. 6, spring and winter, pay attention to indoor ventilation is good, keep the indoor humidity, so that the solid wood carved door in the normal room temperature, humidity, to prevent the wood products due to wet, temperature difference is too large </p>
    <p>deformation, metal parts rust, Surface material off. In the winter use of electric heating or other &amp; gt; other &amp; gt; other heating equipment, away from the wooden products, so as not to heat deformation. 7, when painting the walls, to the wood carved doors to cover, so as not to paint on the surface of the product, so that the surface material stripping, fading, affecting the overall appearance. &amp; nbsp; &amp; nbsp; Conclusion: solid wood carved door of the seven major </p>
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