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    • CommentTimeSep 22nd 2017
    <p>times, this Called four times the primer, and then the top of the paint, but also the same sandpaper and then grinding and then polished again, so repeated about three times, which is called three times the finish. Wooden side selection method 1, hand weigh the weight method: you can weigh the weight of the weight of the wooden side of the weight, the water must certainly be heavier. 2, hand touch method: the hand on the wooden side of the above, feel it's wet </p>
    <p>degree. 3, knock nail method: you can try to nail into the wooden nail, if it is easy to carry, then the wood is relatively dry, on the contrary, the humidity is relatively large. 4, jitter method: the product can be the wooden side, from one end of the force jitter, if the quality of unqualified, generally easy to break from the middle of a broken. 5, eye view: a wooden side, from beginning to end a total of how many knots, if the knuckles were black, it would not work, easy </p>
    <p>to install when the break. Five varieties of wood impact factors 1, pest wood in the storage, transportation, use of the process, will often be affected by pests. Wood natural enemies are termites, beetles, weevils and so on. If the wood side of the protection of improper, will be damaged by these pests, thus affecting the quality of the project wooden side. It is recommended that if it is used for outdoor use of wood, use preservatives soak, so that preservatives </p>
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