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    <p>home Xiaobian introduced the purchase of the price of the original coffee table, and hope for everyone to buy wood coffee table to help. More coffee table knowledge, all in the home decoration network.What is the order of the wooden door installation? Wooden door installation is one of the five major projects. The order of the doors is to install the door, install the door, install the door, install the door lock, install the door line, in the corresponding position </p>
    <p>to install the door suction. What is the order of the wooden door installation, please see below. 1, the assembly of the first door sets and door to find out, according to the back of the number of pairs of good mouth, mouth in the same plane, in the interface with glue. 2, the installation of the door will be assembled firmly into the door into the door, with a small wooden door around the door will be fixed, the two sides of the door with the wall in the same plane, and </p>
    <p>then check the overall door and the ground is vertical Whether the two corners of the top plate and the two vertical plates are at right angles, whether the door panels are bent or not, and the iron pieces are twisted at both ends so as to wrap the wall. 3, the installation of doors and doors first open and close slot, hinge slot and the distance between the door and the door height of the door is about 1/10 is appropriate. 4, the installation of the door to install the door </p>
    <p><a href="">wood plastic composite used in construction</a><br />
    <a href=''>interlocking slate tiles for patios</a><br />
    <a href="">outdoor rubber flooring for decks</a></p>
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