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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2017
    <p>hanging ceiling, do furniture frame. Second, the woodworking process skills 1, the pattern panel to go out to buy paint brush again, to avoid being soiled. 2, gypsum board with the wall with 3MM seam, in order to implement anti-cracking disposal. 3, gypsum board at the angle of the best angle to do maintenance. 4, wooden doors and leaves at the top of the brush to paint. 5, the cabinet as far as possible to buy the whole, carpentry is not good, the design is </p>
    <p>not OK. 6, large wooden plate bought after the Sawing dry. Third, the woodworking process matters after the acceptance of water and electricity, carpentry approach, cement workers kitchen wall waterproofing treatment and paste tiles. Woodworking, including hanging ceiling, making a variety of cabinets, decorative walls, doors, including window sets and so on. Woodworking approach to note: 1, get the designer's drawings, the best before they carefully </p>
    <p>check the size of the signature before. Normally, the standard wood core board, the specifications of the panel 1.2m �� 2.44m, the glass is 1.2m �� 2m, the size of the size of the production specifications than the need for collage or special custom, if the material plane and thickness specifications, Making great obstacles and excessive spending. 2, carpentry should bring their own toolbox, workstations, air compressors and other commonly used tools, especially </p>
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