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    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2017
    <p>above, feel it's wet degree. 3, knock nail method: you can try to nail into the wooden nail, if it is easy to carry, then the wood is relatively dry, on the contrary, the humidity is relatively large. 4, jitter method: the product can be the wooden side, from one end of the force jitter, if the quality of unqualified, generally easy to break from the middle of a broken. 5, eye view: a wooden side, from beginning to end a total of how many knots, if the knuckles were black, </p>
    <p>it would not work, easy to install when the break. Wooden side of the role and selection methods, had a small series on the end of the show, we hope to buy wooden side to help. For more information on decoration materials, please continue to focus on home decoration network.After checking the quality of the early works, the carpenter can approach. So what is the order of the woodworking process, what is the skill of the woodworking process, what matters </p>
    <p>need attention? Xiao Bian in the following details of the next woodworking approach, skills and precautions. The order of the woodworking process After checking the quality of the preliminary works, the carpenters can approach, and the order of the woodworking approach: 1, the first trial, clear what furniture to create, the number is based on the furniture The amount of material used to calculate. 2, carpentry start: first nail according to Taiwan, and then </p>
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