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    <p>order in turn out of the results obtained is the most accurate. 2, pay attention to the door and the installation of the order of the floor, it is recommended to install the door after the first floor. After the ground treatment, you can other projects of construction, such as the end of the period near the end of the installation of the floor and the wooden doors, wooden doors and flooring in the end who first installed more reasonable, we have to analyze. If the first floor, </p>
    <p>there are some problems can not be solved. (1) the location of the living room and the transition between the buckle can not be determined, the process requires the buckle must be in the wooden door is below, behind the door and see no button. (2) after the floor to do the baseboard, if the door is not installed on both sides of the baseboard can not be fixed, so that the installation of the floor workers have to trip a fixed, so wasted both sides of the time. The first </p>
    <p>door, the door can be directly to the ground, when the floor can be used to the bottom of the door with a saw to take a reasonable space pavement floor. The gap below the wooden door can be reserved according to the thickness of the floor, usually in the 2cm-2.5cm. &amp; nbsp; &amp; nbsp; Conclusion: What are the details of the wooden door measurements are introduced here, hope to help you. To learn more decoration knowledge, welcome to continue to focus on </p>
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