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    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2017
    <p>Synthetic fiber is a scientist extensive study to improve the natural existence of animal and plant fiber results. Typically, the synthetic fibers are produced by extruding the fiber-forming material into the air and water through the spinnerette to form a line. Prior to the development of synthetic fibers, man-made fibers are made from polymers <a href="">custom composite decking sizes</a> obtained from petrochemicals. These fibers are called synthetic or man-made fibers. Some of the fibers are made from plant-derived cellulose.</p><p> Common synthetic products are nylon, Aaron and other synthetic fibers are more durable than most natural fibers, and easy to combine different dyes. In addition, many synthetic fibers provide consumer-friendly features such as stretching, waterproofing and antifouling. Sunshine, moisture and oil from <a href="">recycled wood planks for sale in manila</a> human skin can cause all fibers to break down and worn.</p><p> Natural fibers tend to be more sensitive than synthetic fibers. This is mainly because natural products are biodegradable. Natural fibers are susceptible to insect larvae; synthetic fibers are not destroyed by insects because synthetic fibers are not a good source of nutrition. Compared with natural fibers, many synthetic fibers <a href="">solar reflectance composite decking</a> are more resistant to water and pollution.</p><p> Some are particularly enhanced to resist water or stains. Some fabrics are also designed to be stretched in a particular way, which makes them more comfortable to be worn. Synthetic fiber resistance to chemical corrosion is better than natural fiber. Synthetic fiber easy to wash fast drying, but the water absorption is worse than the natural fiber. Most of the synthetic fibers burn, the fiber ends will form a spherical. The disadvantages of most synthetic fibers are related to their low melting temperatures: they are easily damaged by heat. Relatively easy to melt. Vulnerable to hot wash damage. Compared with the natural fiber, through the friction to produce more static charge. No skin is friendly, so it is long to wear <a href="">diy temporary vinyl dance floor ontario</a> is uncomfortable. Make some people allergic. Compared with natural fibers, not biodegradable.</p>
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