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    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2017
    <p>Plywood is also called plywood, multi-layer material is the first invention of the technology of wood. It is made of thin wood veneer. By the adjacent two layers of wood grain perpendicular to <a href="">coosa composite board</a> each other (veneer) overlap. Between the pieces of wood coated with a high strength of a certain pressure in a certain pressure from the pressure together.</p><p> Usually with phenolic gum, urea formaldehyde and melamine gel. A common reason to use plywood instead of wood is because <a href="">round fence posts</a> the plywood has a strong resistance to rupture, shrinkage, anti-twist and ordinary high-strength properties.</p><p> Plywood has a wide range of classification and use. Cork plywood is usually made of Citrus grandis and pine trees, which are widely <a href="">composite decking install price</a> used in architectural and industrial purposes. Decorative plates are usually made of hardwood plywood. Including red oak, birch, maple, eucalyptus (Philippine mahogany) and other hardwood species. Plywood, if used indoors, generally use cheaper urea formaldehyde. This plastic waterproof performance is limited. Outdoor use and <a href="">can you paint composit wood grain closet doors</a> ocean plate due to the use of phenolic glue to prevent corrosion. To resist the plywood layered opening and closing, and in high humidity to maintain strength.</p>
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