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    WPC base for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and wood fiber, determine certain characteristics of its own and has a plastic timber.

    1) good processability WPC containing plastics and fibers, therefore, has a timber with similar processing performance,

    sawing, nailing, planing, use woodworking appliance to complete. Mechanical strength properties superior to wood materials.

    2) good strength properties Wood-plastic composite materials containing plastic, which has good elastic modulus.

    Further, since the fiber-containing and sufficiently mixed with the plastic, which has a hardwood with considerable compressive,

    flexural and other mechanical properties, and its durability is better than ordinary wood.

    3) has a water-resistant, corrosion resistance and long service life WPC materials and products rather than wood, resistant to strong acid,

    water, corrosion resistance, and do not breed bacteria, can not easily be moth-eaten, not long fungi. Long life, up to 15 years.

    4) excellent performance adjustable By additives, plastics can be polymerized, foam, curing, modification and other changes,

    thus changing the WPC density, strength and other characteristics,can achieve anti-aging, anti-static special requirements, fire-retardant.

    5) having an ultraviolet light stability, good coloring property.

    6) Its biggest advantage is that recycling Po, 100% recovery and reproduction. Can decompose,

    will not cause the "white pollution", is the real green products.

    7) a wide range of sources of raw materialsWPC production of plastic raw materials mainly high-density polyethylene or polypropylene,

    and polyvinyl chloride, wood fibers may be wood flour, bamboo powder, wood fiber or bran,

    and also requires a small amount of additives and other processing aids.

    8) as needed, into any shape and size.

    Our company produces the PE WPC material, which can be used to build the platform, outdoor terrace, plank, decking, railings, signs,

    fences, stepping, trash, blinds, outdoor furniture, pergolas, flower boxes, tree pool , siding, outdoor decoration,

    landscape and gardens and so on.

    PE WPC material is broadly classified and market share ratio:

    First, wood flooring: ��70% Second, pergolas and railings: ��15% Third, flower boxes, tree pool, gazebo,

    wall panels, stepping: ��10% Fourth, blinds, outdoor furniture, trash, and signs: ��5%

    Classification of wood floor: solid flooring,

    hollow floor, DIY floor, coextrusion floors.

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