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    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2017
    <p>Rose wood, also known as mahogany, acid wood. English in the rose wood, used to refer to the yellow tangerine plant wood, refers to the time may include rosewood plant wood. Chinese mahogany, initially <a href="">Picket Fencing in Kenya</a> refers to the red wood, and later used to refer to the Ming and Qing Dynasties to pear, red sandalwood and red sticks as the representative of the dark hardwood furniture wood. Today, the national standard of mahogany, including red sandalwood, Dalbergia, clam beans, iron wood and not belong to the leguminous plants of the four kinds of persimmon plant wood.</p><p>
    The late Ming Dynasty, the Yangtze River downstream <a href="">balcony support bracket</a> area south of pear furniture rise, the atmosphere continued to the early Qing Dynasty, this period of dark hardwood furniture known as Ming-style furniture. Later, due to lack of raw materials and technical advances <a href="">patio l shaped planter bench plans North America</a> in pear and other factors, red sandalwood, red acid, etc. to replace the pear, dark dark wood furniture, the main material. Qing Dynasty dark hardwood furniture is the mainstream of high-grade furniture, loved by the court and wealthy families.</p><p>
    Mahogany color deep, hard, often oil texture, its density close to the water even greater than the water, generally grown in the tropical and often become more slowly. Most of the mahogany wood belongs to the <a href="">garden plastic wall</a> leguminous butterfly subfamily in the plant classification. Mahogany furniture in the production is usually not painted.</p>
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