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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeSep 27th 2017
    <p>how do we identify when buying it? There is a small know-how, the new solid wood furniture The factory usually with a strong taste of wood fragrance, and second-hand solid wood furniture is used for some time, wood fragrance has long been dissipated, if the purchase of TV cabinet and found no wood flavor, it is best not to buy. Today Xiaobian is mainly for everyone to introduce the solid wood TV cabinet purchase skills, we hope to buy solid wood TV </p>
    <p>cabinet help. More TV cabinet knowledge, all in the home decoration network.TV cabinet has a variety of materials, chicken wing wood TV cabinet is one of the more popular TV cabinet material type. So how about the price of chicken wings wooden TV cabinet? With Xiao Bian together to see it. A kind of mahogany wood, the wood texture was &quot;chicken wings shape&quot; and named, is a very expensive kind of wood, chicken wing wood has a clear texture, </p>
    <p>The color is abrupt, clear, and has a slight natural scent, so with its furniture out of the furniture righteousness, with a natural volatile fragrance, while a very good collection. Chicken wing wood TV cabinet refers to the use of chicken wings as raw materials made of a TV cabinet, generally more suitable for Chinese, classical European family use, chicken wing wood TV cabinet is the biggest feature of the surface was a natural texture and has a strong Anti-corrosion </p>
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