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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeApr 14th 2016
    With the strengthening of environmental protection efforts, the use of wood flooring people increasingly more, because it has many unique advantages, but also need to pay attention plank maintenance method, if the method is correct, long time to use some simple introduction Some wood flooring maintenance methods.
    ??First, we must maintain it regularly, if stored too much dirt and dust will penetrate into the inside, it is difficult to clean, whether on the surface or in the inside slot, a long time is difficult to get rid of to regularly with water to remove dust, can first try a small piece of the top in a clean, if there is no problem in large areas of cleaning, so as not to damage the floor, wood floor price is not very cheap, because we have to maintain it well, do not care because there is no good cause it is getting shorter.
    Second, if there is maintained in the right way, it can easily lead to discoloration, it will affect the appearance and quality. After just paved floor, you can use a stiff brush soapy water to clean it, etc., so a lot of dust, dirt, and some will be able to eliminate, to use special cleaning products, such as oxalic acid products to clean the rust off it shows stains, if the wood floor painted on the color of chalk, it is difficult to clean them out.
    Third, if the above contaminated grease, Common cleaners eliminate grease on it, you can also use some rock salt, remember to use the product after cleaning must use clean water to keep the dried wood floor . Do not let moisture, it will easily lead to deformation or moldy, you can use a brush to remove dust. If you have mildew, mold can be cleared by the addition agents, the use of clean ball easily removed.
    the article come from:Low Maintenance Patio Floor
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