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    After the front of the wooden floor installation steps, now began to enter the wooden floor to install the center point. Laying the wooden floor looks simple and easy,emirate outdoor wood supplier in fact, also need some technical skills and skills, first of all in the laying process should pay attention to the convergence of wood flooring, if the convergence of the place is not laid, it will produce bumps, and keel The installation must be fixed with a nail,pvc wall panels disadvantages for hotels in the fixed time, should always pay attention to whether the wooden floor raised, whether the cracks, the gap between the floor is too large and so on.

    The last step of the wood floor installation process is the installation of the baseboard, baseboard material selection and wood flooring similar,interior design of walls is the most good. First to drill, with a nail to fix the baseboard, pay attention to whether the baseboard is close to the wall. Tell us here, we are not thinking that the installation of wood flooring is actually very simple, in fact, to really understand some, will know which is not easy.

    The final process of the installation of the wood floor is clean and clean, the most traditional way to clean the wooden floor is to use a mop to wipe, do not use too wet mop to wipe,replacement wood for cast iron park bench use the kind of semi-dry and wet, every corner To clean up.

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