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    Of course, if you really don't want to hit the keel, and the bedroom is smaller in area, can be omitted, and the small size of paving will loose the bamboo floor is relatively small.At the time of selection, can decorate a company or professionals to discuss their experience will be more abundant.

    The decoration materials used in the laying of the ground now on the market is more and more, such as ceramic tiles, floor tiles, floor and so on.Cork floor is a common Yi zhong material, usually need to be pasted by the method of construction, then paste soft wood floor treatment method?

    What is the method of sticking soft wood floor installation?Let's take a look at the introduction of little make up. Paste the treatment of cork floor installed cork flooring-and-paste process 1, Clear the ground with dedicated blade will be on the ground gypsum, paint, from hard cement blocks, such as the eradication of protuberance,

    " building a floating deck on concrete slab , how to install vaneer decking , synthetic decking for sale in norway , imitation wood panel "
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