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    in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada and other countries of the market favored. The first four months of this year, a total of 560,000 square meters of composite flooring,deck railing plans the value of 11.82 million US dollars, an increase of 26% and 52%. It is understood that Europe and North America on the floor quality and standard requirements are very high. To this end, Jilin Province, Riverside Customs in the process of import and export enterprises, ahead of intervention in enterprise project transformation to help enterprises to avoid risks,[url=]composite decking kit[/url] the introduction of 24-hour customs clearance system, to minimize the clearance time for enterprises to

    create a smooth high-speed channel,Exterior Plastic PVC Cladding Sheets
    Port customs, smooth logistics, so that the rapid export of white mountain floor overseas markets, effectively promoted the rapid development of Baishan flooring industry. Enterprise export channel smooth, orders after another, the share of foreign markets increased year by year, corporate profits lucrative. At present, Baishan floor has become the leading export-oriented economy of the local industry.[url=]pool decks for inground pools[/url] Jilin Baishan City, the use of new technology, new technology to enhance the particleboard, wood-based panels, flooring and other traditional products grade and competitiveness, the formation of multi-series,

    multi-brand building home furnishings and furniture and other forest products processing industry cluster. Strong Jinlong, Baojian, peace and a number of leading enterprises,composite deck preservative
    to expand the floor of the floor, Lu Shuihe particleboard, Heng and furniture brands such as the impact.[url=]composite decking in philippines[/url] Promote the focus of forestry enterprises around the forest species, aquaculture products processing, forest mineral development, forest water use to accelerate the transformation, to achieve under the economic specialization, intensive, large-scale. Jilin Daily reported on June 8 (Yan Dong Zhang Libin reporter Wu Rong) in the Riverside Customs with the help of

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