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    for shoe box storage seasonal shoes, but the number of shoes placed a limited, and placed in the bottom of the shoes to take inconvenient. 2, flap door wooden shoe cabinet door of the wooden shoe is a single open shoe door or double open shoe door, which is drawer shoe, usually two to three, each layer inside There are wood isolation, so that we are the most common of a shoe cabinet. Each layer of the number of shoes is based on the specific size of the

    shoe to decide, are generally about 4 pairs. 3, revolving door wooden shoe 360 ??degree rotation of the wooden shoe, like peacock open the same screen, opened the shoe door, a layer of shoes placed in a row also appeared in front of us. And the rotating shoe can use the smallest space, put more things, which side can be placed shoes, to create a large amount of storage capacity, completely solve the problem of shoes. Second, the wooden shoe to buy 1,

    custom shoe cabinet method of flexible: a lot of family decoration in the shoe when the shoe is customized or buy products hesitant. In the pre-decoration, designers should be based on the composition of the family members to consider the size and style of shoe. 2, in general, the entrance of the shoe is mainly placed usually wear 6 to 8 pairs of shoes or slippers. Designers will be based on the size of the entrance, structure and aesthetics to the owners of

    cost of plastic board

    weathered marine wood deck

    buy plastic bathroom tiles

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