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    CITIC Wood and other 10 output value exceeding 100 million yuan or over 500 million yuan of key enterprises to lead enterprises to cultivate Industrial agglomeration,exterior composite stair treads accelerate the industrialization of enterprises, the group and large-scale, highlighting a few key projects of wood products: China Jilin (Dunhua) wood products processing trade park project. The park to Dunhua City as the center, to Huangnihe town,[url=]composite 2x4 lumber dealer uae[/url] large stone town for the two wings, the formation of 50 km long, along the trunk line of wood products processing base and economic and trade corridors, the introduction of enterprises and projects 280, the final formation of the year

    80 million cubic meters of floor, 30 million cubic meters of sheet metal, furniture, 20 million sets of operating scale, the annual output value and strive to achieve 20 billion yuan.should railings be connected to the porch or steps Dunhua City Yingfeng International Furniture Building Materials Project Construction. The project plans to invest 1 billion yuan, the introduction of enterprises, businesses 150, the formation of production, sales, distribution,[url=]composite siding manufacturers[/url] warranty one-stop service platform, built the surrounding area to the floor, furniture-based wholesale and retail distribution center. In addition, the big blessing industry investment 100 million yuan of molded composite door production line project.

    Gimhae Wood invested 100 million yuan of reorganization of decorative materials and reorganization of decorative veneer project. Yaguang Wood invested 300 million yuan of methanol-free plywood (no aldehyde plywood market quotations,best way to raise an existing 6 foot wood fence no aldehyde plywood manufacturers directory)[url=]composite picket fence white[/url] project. In the wood industry to invest 100 million yuan of wood-plastic composite board project and the new yuan wood 1 million sets of furniture projects, etc., to accelerate the advantages of the industry to the characteristics of a strong industry forward. It is estimated that by 2016, Dunhua City, wood products processing trade zone to be fully

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