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    personal mortgage interest rates, which continued to heat up the real estate poured a pot of cold water, in such conditions, many people give up the current purchase plan. Lips and teeth depend on, and real estate is closely linked to the furniture industry also feel the arrival of winter. In the face of severe competition, competition is further

    exacerbated. Furniture industry began to change their own, thick line sales era has passed, began to fully into the era of fine marketing. On the furniture brand to build also began to enter the memo. However, then the furniture business in the brand building still exists a lot of problems, the Chinese furniture shopping guide network marketing

    director pointed out. These questions summed up, mainly in the following: 1. blindly follow the trend is not clear, do not know what they want. Most of the furniture brand in the initial accumulation stage, the brand must be accumulated over the long term, in order to form an inherent impression in the minds of consumers. And we see the

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