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    In the wood flooring stores compared to the color, often because of the scene light source, and mistakenly chose not suitable for the room of the wood floor,Avis sur les imperméabilisation du pont the main reason is the difference between the brightness of the space caused. If the evaluation of home congenital lack of light, we should try to avoid the purchase of too dark wood flooring, so that the entire space is too dark, not only make the space becomes narrow, but also produce visual oppression.
    Bright space in the wood floor color is less limited; but if the home lighting is poor, you have to avoid the selection of dark floor.

    Color can affect the visual sense of space, such as bright and warm color has the role of expansion; the other hand, cool, dark,revêtement de sol en vinyle à effet bois there is compression effect. Therefore, the purchase of wood flooring, you can first think about the size of the city area, if only a small number of space, it is recommended to buy bright light wood flooring is better. While the color is thick, heavy wood flooring, is suitable for the number of more abundant space, can produce a quiet, stable feeling.

    Different types of space, the type of wood flooring for different. For example, the bedroom will usually choose warm or neutral color of the wooden floor, giving a relatively quiet, warm feeling. And if it is a child room or game room, we must pay attention to the wear resistance of wood flooring, such as children play with toys, the game is not easy to damage the ultra-wear-resistant wood floor,décoration de parois en panneaux is a very good choice. Study with slightly darker wood flooring, can create another kind of Oriental Ya Yun.

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