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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2016

    Market regulation tightened step by step, building materials retail worse. When a single brand is no longer sufficient to support the operation and development of the core cities, the traditional retail model wooden floors suffered severe challenges. Only a proxy from a store to a famous brand agent multiple brands, in the case of the current general downturn in domestic sales floor, spread from lighting, ceramic tile industry, the rise of regional brand stores to wind wood floor. Acting general manager and a plurality of solid wood flooring imported brands of home Long Yi Cheng Bin said that the current urgent need to change terminal mode wood floor, area stores and famous brand manufacturers more vitality compared to persistent, help business operators continue development, but also more conducive to the interests of local consumers after-sale protection.

    In the building materials industry has long been famous regional reputation Reporters learned that, in the past, wood flooring and other decorative materials retail model are mainly two: First, the gradual development of regional distributors manufacturers, opening the terminal stores; the other is a factory-direct development franchisee, the initial fee charged. Nowadays, the general downturn in retail sales of building materials, traditional terminal mode highlights two major drawbacks: First, the factory price controls easy disorders, and second, if the market goes down, the dealer can only reduce costs through price wars and shrinking service, whether it is industry or operators as well as its own consumer service are very unfavorable.

    In this context, regional building materials store brand will stand out for consumers, more concerned with their own buy flooring is environmentally friendly, service adequacy. ? Well, compared to national regional stores and famous brand stores and what Weather Resistant Street Flower Boxes Made With Composite Deckingadvantages floor Yi Cheng Bin told reporters that once the brand flooring manufacturers Tragedy, customer service inevitably been affected; and regional investors to Panmunjom, rooted in local region, focusing on industry reputation, is more responsible for the store, investors, product, service, and thus more conducive to the sale of consumer rights protection.

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