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    account the marketing, channel costs, in fact, is not great.' Therefore, only to show the price of this fight than the determination of how much the price, 'the original price of 487,450 a square Of the board only sell 228 yuan / square, not only the nature and life of the home, but also to their own escape route gave a blocked. 'An industry analyst

    said. 'This price is such a product, the loss is yes, just how much loss.' Many people in the industry after the discussion of the formation of a consensus is that such a negative operation than Jia should not last a long time, on the one hand, this is For the purpose of marketing services, tactical services in the strategy, so to achieve the

    purpose of fighting competitors, the gradual increase in price back to the cost line is certainly; on the other hand, than the move is just a way to ask, follow the action to see the market reaction , Once the market response is not enthusiastic, business turnover to the bottleneck, will naturally stop, after all, there is a limited loss. Experts advise:

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