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    Bo Bailin field, group is Yang Shanlin field, big Gui Shanlin field is first contributive person, its subordinate 8 areas are straight man-made board enterprise recombines. Group total assets 5 billion yuan, year business income 3 billion yuan, produce per year can amount can composite deck stain be used on wood to 2.5 million stere, rank Guangxi the first, countrywide front row. 2016, lumber of the area austral harbor of expensive harbor city

    machines property production value to amount to 6.6 billion yuan, produce man-made board 3.24 million stere, achieve duty 180 million yuan. Crop of lumber treatment production value, man-made board and revenue grow 24% compared to the same period respectively, 28% , pontoon boat vinyl flooring looks like teak 49% , all discharge Guangxi the cogongrass before each county urban district. 5, Chinese Xinjiang - garden of industry of furniture of Urumqi

    Midong international Garden of industry of furniture of Mi Dongguo border is by Xinjiang swallow market of new wood furniture develops finite advantage of wooden wall panels liability company to invest construction, the project always invests 4.2 billion yuan, always cover an area of a face to accumulate 2800 mus, cent is 4 big board piece eighteen function area, include log to trade area, board deals machines and tools of .Deck Board Ideas

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