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    is only a start, a comprehensive brand price war may swept the entire industry, regardless of the results than the win or big Natural, life home to win, a large number of special products into the market will be inevitable, so while the bargain-hunting purchase is the right time. Now, many industry experts to the consumer's proposal is that, as

    in the past, than Jia, living between the wavering, then it is now more than Jiajia point, its cost will be better than the other two brands of products.Generic public relations, also known as 'news marketing' or 'news speculation' or 'soft text propaganda', it refers to the enterprise through the planning, regular or irregular in newspapers, magazines

    or networks and other media published on the business, brand, Information of the article. Advertising is the enterprise from its own point of view, a leader from the perspective of the advantages of business, brand or product, is subjective, the advantage is that you can control the information content, schedule, release location and

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