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    board distributor in southern China, so all the dealers in southern China are constantly in his reminder to the goods, and his warehouse inventory has been basically cleared. In order to be able to replenish sources, last week, Wang Dong had to personally go to Shanghai and Jiangsu manufacturers 'grab goods.' 'I personally saw the workers

    put the goods on the train, I was relieved to come back.' Wang Dong said. Emission reduction tasks to a certain extent also affected the adjustment of product prices. This year, with the artificial, transportation, chemical, raw materials and other costs continue to rise, physical and chemical board prices have been rising, but manufacturers have

    said that the rate of increase in plate is in fact not keep up with the cost of rising range, Small profits and more ways to operate. But now because of lack of business, production capacity, and then in accordance with the previous business practices, it is difficult to maintain it. Manufacturers operating pressure continues to expand, in the

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