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    1, after the floor pavement should be admitted within two weeks: Room for a long time or not often live in the room should be put a few pots of water and keep the water,cost of modern view decking slate or the use of humidifier to make up for the indoor heating and evaporation of water; southern rainy season should be strengthened ventilation; indoor environment do not Too dry, do not be too wet, to prevent the wood floor of the dry, shrink or expansion deformation.

    2, keep the floor dry and clean: wipe the floor with a wring dry soft towel, dry areas in the north, dry season can be wiped with a damp cloth in the south of the wet places,outdoor pvc white fences design should not use wet mop to wipe the floor or direct water cleaning.

    3, in order to maintain the beauty of solid wood flooring and extend the life of the paint business: Every two months to play a wax, waxing before the stains clean,polywood lumber wholesale in taiwan and then evenly coated on the surface layer of floor wax, slightly dry with a soft cloth to wipe until smooth and bright.

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