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    strataints.aintithers.tither-32 nights walk Results Solid wood flooring in China is also a high-end consumer durables, with the consumer quality of life requirements, consumer attitudes, consumer awareness and the actual spending power of continuous improvement, solid wood flooring natural 'original ecology' characteristics become a

    manifestation of consumer life The idea of ​​the best products. With the increasing lack of natural resources and international environmental protection organizations, the voice of environmental protection increasingly loud, solid wood flooring prices also showed a rising trend. At present, China's flooring market selling more wood and more

    imported timber. The large-scale use of foreign high-quality timber to make up for a single species of flooring timber, color monotonous, the same lack of texture, to provide consumers with more good choices. With the integration of imported flooring materials and production technology continues to improve, the quality of flooring

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