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    Than floor tile, the floor appears more high-grade, a lot of owner think the floor maintains accordingly very trival. Actually otherwise, mastered relevant wooden floor to maintain only knowledge,

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    Average now household is to use the price relative to more substantial aggrandizement floor, the surface of aggrandizement floor is a 3 oxidation 2 aluminium, the liquid such as moisture is permeated not easily to the floor inside, if be aggrandizement floor,wax so, candle layer cannot permeate floor lining, can depend on only the surface layer in the floor, the meeting when the person walks keeps track, time grew floor surface to become spend facial ” greatly as “ general, influence floor is beautiful and wipe hard do. Because this aggrandizement floor is unfavorable,undertake waxing.

    When air is dry, aggrandizement wood floor is unfavorable wait with household cleanser undertake cleanness maintains, and avoid by all means is used grind polish of sand paper burnish. Can use twist dry dishcloth to wipe, reoccupy nurses fluid maintains, hard the place of rub-up uses appropriative cleaner purify.

    2, clean piece

    r should use mop of pigheaded dry cotton to wipe in daily cleanness can, if encounter stubborn besmirch, should use the reoccupy after neuter and clean dissolvent is wiped to twist dry cotton mop to wipe,

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    Clean floor should notice after the window is ventilated, if discover dirt or grit, should instant aspiration, sweep.

    Additional, the grey gravel on the floor is unfavorable the rag that uses moisture and mop processing, the grey gravel that meantime is wrapping causes surface of floor paint film easily to wear away generation nick; still needs to notice additionally, do not make the floor is contacted bright fire or place high-power electric heat on the floor directly implement, also cannot place the high temperature object such as boiled water crock, furnace directly.

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