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    • CommentAuthorKiwindicus
    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2017
    A lot of times, some of your self-made or downloaded movie files are not compatible with other players, editors, or devices due to the different formats and codecs. The situation is ubiquitous, and we have always received a variety of user feedback on the issue of movies format incompatibility, so for this situation, it is necessary to explain. First of all, unless you have a special demand, for the movie format, we recommend MP4 (H.264 / AAC). For one thing, MP4 is the most familiar format for most people, for another, MP4 can be compatible with most current devices. Of course, technology is moving on, the major software developers and manufacturers will continue to improve and solve the format compatibility issues, but we do not discuss this issue here. Then, the point is how to convert movie file to MP4 format. This article will provide you with a perfect solution. Article link:
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