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    overcome the short life of logs, easy to deformation, easy to crack warping, fear of water, mold and other characteristics of the maintenance cost is low; 4, ecological wood ceiling more durable 5, ecological wood ceiling is more environmentally friendly, in line with EU environmental standards, with good solid wood low heat conduction value, thermal insulation, is a revolutionary energy saving and environmental protection decorative products; 6, the ecological

    environment, Ecological wood ceiling safety more assured: the material pollution-free, non-toxic health, that is installed. 2, the installation of ecological wood ceiling installation of ecological wood ceiling first to determine the installation program, put the line drilling, install the whole wire hanging rod, placed keel, leveling keel, error �� 3mm, the installation of the base liner, liner can be Choose nine plywood or 5mm multi-layer board, with hardware hanging pieces to

    install 100 �� 25 square wood can be, ecological wood ceiling products follow the traditional aluminum alloy, steel ceiling installation method and the same general keel, therefore, generally know how to install aluminum Alloy ceiling workers can install eco-wood ceilings, in addition to ecological wood can be staple can be cast, so more than aluminum and plastic ceilings easier to install, cut and shape. 1, the combination of small and small leaves with lobes is

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