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    beginning, auspicious promoted hardware president Wu Zhixiang to publish an address above all. Wu Zhixiang thanks everybody to found 30 years to come in the company, the leader that care all the time and supports, client, supplier and friend of social all circles; mounting a fence on a retaining wall And each old and indefatigable effort, work in the same placing that make outstanding contribution! Catch each when Wu Zhixiang reviews this 30

    years 10 years, each it is brilliant metamorphosis 10 years. The first 10 years, in last centuries 80 time end, bead three-cornered furniture industry composite steps for house begins to anabiosis, if furniture factory develops flourishingly like emerge, 1987 auspicious promote a factory to hold water, take the lead in offerring high grade hardware hinge product for furniture company, become bead the forerunner of

    trigonometry hardware production industry. The 2nd 10 years, auspicious encourage own creation hinge of damp of the 2 buy inside Duan Li, own several composite wood materials for playground equipment decathlon invention and exterior country patent, become the inaugurator of hinge of damp of 2 paragraphs of force, outdoor deck manufacturer

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