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    In addition to the appropriate choice of wood flooring, warm wood flooring installation process should also pay attention to some of the details to ensure that the warm wood flooring in the future can be used normally. Before installation, to check the geothermal surface sediment concentration is too large,bathroom wall boards edinburgh whether dry, gravel too much application of gypsum smooth, the ground moisture content to drop to less than 1.5%. Wooden floor is best to send 48 hours in advance to the installation site to adapt to the warmth of the temperature, to prevent the temperature rise and twist.

    In the installation, the ground is strictly prohibited nailing, drilling, to prevent the destruction of the warm coil; wood flooring laying process with the walls,easy inexpensive material to cover deck floor the posts between the remaining expansion joints. Pavement and installation of skirting board to be divided into two construction. 48 hours after the laying of the floor, until the plastic completely dry, remove the fastener and then do the skirting board.

    After installation, after 24 hours gradually warmingadd joist hangers on an existing deck, the first use of geothermal heating, it should also pay attention to slow warming. The first use, the heating began to heat up the first three days, can not heat up too fast,wpc wood plastic composite price in usa to avoid the emergence of cracks due to expansion of the phenomenon of cracking, affecting the wood floor life.

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