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    1. Pine Dragon, also known as Golden Pear: Advantages: wood with golden luster, no special smell and taste. Texture straight, slightly criss-crossed texture. Structure fine to medium, uniform, weight and strength medium,Материал стенной стеновой панели hardness to slightly hard. Paint, good adhesion, easy to crack, corrosion and insect resistance. Some of the longan solid wood flooring for the reddish-brown, clear texture, it is very suitable for Chinese-style home.

    2. Round beans: advantages: the color is relatively deep, the density is relatively heavy, with classical beauty, very popular with the Chinese people; high stability, can be a good resistance to temperature difference. At the same time,встроенное композитное ограждение the density is relatively strong, slightly hit the basic little no pit, anti-hit ability and wear resistance is very strong.

    3. Oak: Advantages: with a more distinctive mountain wood grain; and touch the surface has a good texture; excellent toughness, according to the need to be processed into a variety of curved, quite aesthetic; solid texture,роскошный волокнистый композитный пол finished product structure, Long, in many ancient doors and windows of the grid used in the production; floor stability is relatively good; high grade, suitable for the production of European-style furniture, Chinese classical furniture, was thick real, mahogany furniture dignified calm, but the price is more than mahogany Low temperature, cool and comfortable,легкие стеновые панели wpc для продажи uk oak texture is fine, the tube hole has more intrusion, not easy to absorb water, corrosion resistance, strength, Europe and the United States to use it to store red wine; rich texture of the beautiful, natural pattern.

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