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    It is not advisable to use glue during summer pavement. Water-based flooring glue in the already wet rainy season is easier to make the floor damp, moldy fungi. Summer sunshine for a long time,writing coclusion for wood plastic the sun is also very sinister. The newly laid floor should try to avoid direct sunlight to prevent dryness and accelerated aging.

    Decoration should pay attention to ventilation: decoration must ensure that the indoor ventilation is good. Not only to minimize the selection of toxic and hazardous substances into the house,diy plastic bench producers the decoration must also be on the way to the rest of this decoration pollution out of the window! After a good job to stay after regular maintenance, waxing twice a year is better. Always keep the ground dry, do not have too wet cloth, mop wipe.

    Floor moisture absorption when how to deal with: the floor once the moisture or into the water, it is prone to "arch" phenomenon, good end of the floor suddenly arched a piece,composite decking reviews australia this time do not rush to step on! The floor from the arch need to repair immediately, or else will be higher arch, but absolutely not "violent crack" because the stampede will lead to damage to the floor plate, slot can not be repaired.

    After the floor from the arch to repair as ever, the whole floor must be unloaded pry re-laying, quite trouble. So the floor deformation, or to prevent the main work. Just laying a good floor must be done moisture treatment,swimming pool wood decks but also need to slow up at least 24 hours before the start.

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