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    selected veneer decorative panels and furniture to match the color of the furniture, the two colors to be close to be good. Second, to consider the occasion, such as the package solid wood doors to buy no obvious color, cracks, scar plywood; hanging cabinets in the kitchen to choose the tide of the water willow plywood, and can not use

    easy to damp, degumming veneer decorative panels. Plywood Buy Note 3: cheap plywood on the market price varies widely, in general, is to follow the high prices for better prices, value for money. Such as some high-end brand 'bird eyes', 'gall wood' decorative panels, because the panel is imported precious wood, each priced at nearly

    thousand dollars, mainly for high-end hotels, entertainment decoration. Home decoration general purchase in the low-grade can, such as teak, Fraxinus plywood, but each hundred dollars; imports of eucalyptus plywood each about 40 yuan, auxiliary use plywood can buy each 30 yuan or less domestic plate Alternative. In short, the home

    " how to do storage box under the deck , flex teak for boats , easy install outdoor composite panels , engineered oak flooring suppliers "
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