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    generally Only the big brands can support, so as the pressure increases, the building materials industry is actually experiencing a harsh reshuffle movement. After the brand stronger, the weak weaker polarization phenomenon will be more serious.In addition, regardless of How the external and internal pressure changes, the consumer market is

    in any case not dare to despise, so although the rise in raw materials, but the vast majority of sellers are cautious prices, on the contrary in order to expand market share, the Kind of promotional activities began to frequently appear before thousands of brand sanitary ware, and now even with less than five hundred yuan sales, wood flooring

    is often tens of dollars promotional price.Therefore, when the market segmentation more and more obvious , The action taken by the firm to cope with the pressure of survival, but may make the consumer get more benefits. Blockboard commonly known as large core board. Is one of the main varieties of decorative wood-based panel,

    " can trex be put over a cement patio , composite board rocking chair , synthetic porch flooring materials , style selection composit decking boards "
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