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    existence of burrs, sharp corners, fast mouth, etc., these parts without reasonable treatment, it is easy to deal with the People, especially children, cause bodily harm. In the cabinet directly on the treatment of food, may because of the quality of the table, resulting in eating impurities, debris, etc., also harmful to health. To avoid these problems,

    we must use high-quality hardware, a reasonable choice panel and table. Ms. Hu, who lives in Baiyun District, recently called the home hotline, said she recently spent more than 20,000 yuan to buy a set of environmentally friendly brand cabinets, but in the course of the use of her outside the cabinet drawer can not only open from the

    front, drawer Left and right sides also left a narrow strip and the cabinet side of the phase, therefore, from the side of the push can also open the drawer, which is easy to pinch the child's hand at home. In addition, the low cabinet cabinet angle is sharp and hard, the family from time to time it is easy to bumps. Experts suggest that the

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