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    as a log, good environmental performance. But the plate is very easy to deformation, usually the use of furniture factory, home improvement in the basic use of the plate to do furniture. MDF is directly pulverized into the fiber as the main raw material, broken, soaked, hot pressing molding, drying and other processes made of a man-made

    sheet, divided into medium density, high density and high density board. Mainly used as a substrate, the surface can be coated with melamine impregnated paper, can also be attached to the surface of wood veneer, paint paper, fire board or direct paint. High density is mainly used for plastic door panels, high density is mainly used to

    strengthen the floor. Medium density board material is delicate, suitable for carving, the surface to do paint or wrap lines, doors and more use of MDF plate, plus melamine, solid wood paste board and other decorative panels. Ordinary particleboard home use less. October 22, China and ASEAN countries related industry

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