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    new certificate, the old copy certificate has been eliminated. In the survey, the reporter still found that some brands are still using the old copy certificate, when a reporter asked why not replace the new certificate, the sales staff and vague, but has always said that they absolutely use the 'dew river' plate. In view of these problems, consumers

    must distinguish between the authenticity of the time, do not misuse the use of environmentally friendly furniture, as a victim of unscrupulous manufacturers. Faced with the real and difficult to distinguish the chaotic market consumers should learn to protect their own interests. In the survey, 67% of consumers say they buy plate furniture, as

    long as a listen to the 'dew river' plate, like eating a reassurance, do not worry about environmental issues only pick the style on it. There are 37% of the consumers are relatively rigorous, will go to view the relevant certificate, and then smell the knock, hoping to good quality off. But more than 40-year-old Mr. Wang told reporters that he

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