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    mahogany furniture company launched a 'gold for wood' activities, the organizers said that whether it is rolling pin or lame stool, as long as the Hainan pear do, 1 kg of rosewood can exchange 40 grams of gold. Although the final one gram of gold did not exchange out, but it makes the year Hainan pear suddenly fame, more people will be

    locked in the eyes of Hainan pear. After three years, as one of the leaders of the mainland auction company, China Guardian 'Ming-style pear furniture exhibition' as scheduled, more than 60 pieces of the Ming and Qing Dynasties Hainan yellow rosewood furniture collective appearance, which includes from abroad Drifting across the

    sea from the many valuable classical furniture boutique, Hainan pear once again become the focus of the collection. The average price of international gold rose from $ 200 / And more crazy than gold is a 'wood gold,' said the Hainan pear. According to the Hainan Province Huanghua Pear Collection Association Vice President Chen Guoping

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