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    Hainan pear became a mahogany furniture, especially the Ming and Qing classical furniture, the most respected preferred wood. Is the furniture but more anti-play that the current market, the so-called Hainan pear furniture, where is the new work? The industry said: 'part of the old material, that is, before the building or furniture to keep the

    doors and windows, Liang Liang and the like, and now come up with re-transformation made by the other part of the Vietnamese pear posing.' In fact , On the texture, texture, flavor, etc. compared to the Vietnamese pear and Hainan pear is very close. Vietnam pear on the one hand to make up for the market in the yellow pear in short

    supply, on the other hand, because Hainan pear is about five times the price of Vietnamese pear, so it is also driven by economic interests, counterfeit Hainan pear 'raw materials ', Ordinary collectors simply can not identify. But on the whole, the color of Hainan pear more oil and transparent, more clear texture of the United States, the

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