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    months, or more than 50% in general. Yesterday, the reporter learned from Putian Xianyou mahogany market, as mahogany prices continue to rise, the domestic mahogany investment passenger gathered in Putian Xianyou 'Nuggets', the local hotel weekend often a room hard to find. Insiders reminded that mahogany furniture prices are

    cyclical, both may skyrocket, may also crash, public investment should be cautious. What is the impact of domestic and international economic situation on export enterprises? In this regard, Shenzhen City Debao Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Yang Ze, director of foreign trade, said: from the treasure itself, the domestic cabinet

    export sales in the last year is not very good, this year has improved. First of all because the foreign cabinet production costs (including labor costs) is too high, foreign businessmen like the reason why China's cabinet products mainly because the Chinese cabinet products in the style, variety, price and other advantages. Moreover, foreign

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