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    improvement industry or furniture industry, almost all concerned about the quality of sheet properties, are not easy to use new products, you need to accept a process. 'Visible, Lushi River plate prices led the domestic plate furniture prices rose. Price gap: domestic and foreign plate spreads to see sales love grid, Oude Sen, Desheng and

    other major brands are the domestic furniture enterprises to choose the main import plate, and the domestic recognized only Lushi plate, compared to the import plate and Domestic plate price gap of at least 30% or more. And the production of the same type of furniture products, in terms of pricing is quite particular about. Cai Baohuan told

    reporters that although the price of imported sheet metal is higher than the domestic plate, but due to the price of Lushui River, more manufacturers in order to give consumers a plate of furniture prices reasons, simply to fought in the import plate market. 'Although the price increased by a large portion, but the quality of furniture has

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