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    overall sales To maintain a basically flat with last year's situation. ' In the current home market, furniture, decorating market than 08, 09 to be difficult, one of the most important factor is the property market regulation this year, it is understood that in September, Beijing's housing turnover fell 65% Policy side on the one hand affected the

    just need to market, leading consumers to wait and see the mood of serious, on the other hand, the shrinking of real estate led home building industry, the overall market share reduction, but also to the 'Golden Week' is particularly deserted. In such a market background, the material business and terminal business together, tide over the

    difficulties become inevitable. During the '11' period, Lu Shuihe plate and the Italian furniture 'unprecedented offers' promotional activities have also been widespread concern in the market. Jilin Forest Industry Sales Company General Manager Zhang Zhili said that the reason why the National Day during the choice of cooperation with

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