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    the life of the wood floor, I also consider the floor when the shop floor, dad or adhere to the old-fashioned approach (that is, with the old gray and lime), and later found on the Internet, see Jiangsu and Zhejiang area with a lot of bamboo charcoal , Korea and Japan are so, try it! Because it is still very good to see the effect, the effect is: 1, can keep the floor

    in a good humidity environment. Because of the dual role of bamboo charcoal moisture and moisturizing (two-way humidity), can make the floor in the long-term use of winter will not dry, the floor will not be too wet moisture when mildew; in the rainy season this effect is more significant. 2, bamboo charcoal can be used to inhibit harmful microorganisms, mold,

    mites, cockroaches, termite growth, laying bamboo flooring after the long term from termite and other borer erosion. 3, can improve the overall indoor environment, adjust the indoor humidity, and the release of negative oxygen ions. 4, can be directly adsorbed after the floor decoration of the toxic residual gas. The following details on the decoration process under

    " redwood patio furniture , green and environmental protection composite decking , reason composite deck will buckle , floor covering for outside decks "
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