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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2016

    Domestic flooring market share is constantly being imported floor swallowed In the actual sales process, the more high-end customers, the smaller the impact of price factors, these customers consider more of a product or added value embodied, for example, NATURE Fuzhou store, an Italian original three wood imports, its international industrial design, the highest award - the red dot design award and has favored consumers; Yong-off wood floors, with its hundred years of history, wood geothermal global leader who status, patented Used In Indoor Discount Composite Deck Boards Exporthot air drying technology and other high-end has been a lot of people love; weaving and leather flooring, new materials and design sense in Switzerland, as many young consumers and designers love.

    These phenomena also shows that, in addition to import floor quality, technology, environmental protection and other technical level is relatively high, the brand's long history, unique products and unique, artistic content is rich in cultural products imports growing importance floor the reason. However, there are many consumers cheap composite fencing panels uk buy imported blindly chasing the trend or the floor, do not know the specific import floor was good. Reporters interviewed nature imported flooring brand marketing General Lee, he said: "overseas, especially in some European countries, attaches great importance to environmental protection, the environment is the primary competitive; Secondly, many products are often print imprint on the country's culture, such as Germany, our first impression is his rigorous, Switzerland.

    the first impression is his precision, the second floor is the competitiveness of imported state-backed quality assurance; third, Japanese in manufacturing, will consider the use of secondary materials to produce relatively large amounts of products, more Chinese people are the most economical materials to how to build a wood fence gate slope produce the highest price of the product, while the Europeans consider the most is how to produce the best products, the import value is the third floor rich in competitiveness. " As to how to buy imported floor, the experts give the following recommendations: view the certificate of origin, proof of environmental protection, testing and other evidence to prove; online and read the manufacturer's brand history and status, as well as brand strength and position of domestic agents; just choose the most suitable for home decoration style as a starting point, choose the right products; depending on economic conditions and select the appropriate import price floor.

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