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    after long as the use of the beam, the wood in the water all run light, so that the more shiny, never deformation. 3, exquisite workmanship, elegant and generous, handsome Jun Yi, good aesthetic intentions. The industry believes that the southern process is more fine. So in the purchase of old elm furniture, the work accounted for the vast majority of the work. In order to prevent elm furniture deformation, try to avoid the long-term placement of heavy furniture items,

    such as television, fish tank and so on. When placing items should be a layer of soft film, moving and placed when the action should be light, so as not to hurt. & nbsp; & nbsp; The above is a small book on the old elm table and carbon wood dining table comparison of the introduction, I hope to help you. To learn more furniture knowledge, welcome to continue to read the home decoration Raiders.Elm coffee table purchase to pay attention to price, material, water

    content and origin. When used in use, gasoline and other chemical solvents in addition to stains, to maintain humidity and oily. Wipe with a damp cloth, and often to the tea table oil, waxing. The following is a small series of elm coffee table purchase and use of the note. 1, the old elm coffee table purchase notes old elm coffee table in the purchase time to pay attention, not only consider the old elm coffee table price, but also consider some of the old elm coffee table

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